Ratting Classes

Spring 2019 thru Fall 2019

Introductory classes are held in Cumberland during the Spring, Summer and Fall, weather permitting. Please stay tuned! More information will be posted on the MapleMyst Facebook page when it becomes available.

The single sessions are $25. each, and require individual registration in advance via our online Registration system

Course Description

Does your dog smell a rat? If you are interested in finding out the answer to this and many more questions about this new sport, then these workshops will be interesting to you! Introduce your dog to the equipment and to the rats and learn the basics of the sport of ratting in the beginner class! The Intermediate class will focus on continuing to develop your dog’s skills through more challenging searches and teaching your dog to mark clearly when a find is made. Workshop content will be adjusted to meet the needs of the group!

Note:  Rats are our judge’s pets and are not harmed in any way during classes or trials.