That special place

Ruka getting in the mood
All a waiting game

Waiting for one of our ladies to give birth is a special time, a quiet introspective back-to-essentials kind of moment. Tonight, sitting here in soft light with my favourite mug of midnight tea, I think that she too knows just how magical this big event is going to be. Nature's mysterious blend of emotions.

At a time when Nature has given us turmoil, there is also life. Hope. Good. Endurance. Peaceful moments amidst chaos. Warm fur and cold noses bring companionship and unquestioning love during uncertain times.

During this fleeting moment in time, nothing exists but her and I and the precious little souls that will soon be here to bring joy to others. Some events will simply not wait for us to define the moment as perfect. We have to look beyond the "now" to see that the moment is as perfect as it should be.