K9 Sport Fest News Flash!

Maple Myst Performance Training will be hosting 3 events at K9 Sport Fest, on July 18-19, 2015 in Maxville. We have organized many terrific activities for you and your dog, as part of this K9 extravaganza…

The premiums for Canine Good Neighbour and CARO Rally Obedience are included here.  

Many of you have been inquiring about the barn hunt/ratting events that will be held at K9 Sports Fest. We have partnered with RATS! Canada to bring some a new and exciting event to Eastern Ontario!   

RATS! Canada is a new association which will launch its operations at K9 Sport Fest, in July 2015. RATS! Canada will offer sanctioned events in Brush hunts and Barn hunts, daily.   At this year’s K9 Sport Fest, Brush hunt events will be offered in the morning. Barn hunt events will be offered in the afternoon, and there will be a demonstration of the Go-To-Ground event. Instinct tests are being planned as well.

Not to be confused with other ratting associations, RATS! Canada will offer a wider variety of ratting sports, and will be open to all breeds. The Association intends to offer Brush hunt, Barn hunt, Go-to-Ground and SuperEarth events as the Association “gains ground” across Canada. RATS! Canada is currently putting the finishing touches on its rule book, and will make the the rulebook and premium available shortly.

RATS! Canada will offer titles at various levels, from Instinct and Novice through Excellent.  Please note that only Novice events will be offered in Maxville, since no one has qualified for the upper echelons… yet! Teams will be able to work towards a Championship or Excellent title in the Sport. There will also be placement awards after each event during the K9 Sport Fest weekend.

Dogs will compete based on their breed classifications. In the case of mixed breed dogs, category will be assigned based on “best estimation of parentage”. Additionally, there will be a Puppy Group and a Veterans’ class, which will offer the possibility of earning qualifying legs as well. These will run separately for placement. Puppy class includes all dogs over the minimum age of 3 months (for brush) and 4 months (for barn). Handlers may choose to register in the Puppy Class for any dog under the age of 12 months. Vets is for dogs over the age of 9 years. For those who just wish to try it out, there will also be unsanctioned events, at a reduced cost.

The premium which will be published shortly will include the form required to obtain a RATS! Canada Dog ID number. You will be able to obtain a Dog ID number at the same time as your registration.

Get in on the “ground floor” of this new and exciting activity! It’s time to unearth your dog’s new skills!

CKC CGN Sign-up Form (PDF)

CARO Trial Sign-up Form (PDF)