Maple Myst Puppy Update!

Mysti's proud offering

On February 7th, Mysti gave birth to 5 beautiful wolfsable puppies, 2 girls and 3 boys!  

Mysti's pups went to their new homes on Easter weekend! Congrats to the new Lappy families: Ripley went to Jen Perry and Colin Killby of Ottawa, while Maverick will be living in Niagara Falls with Anita and Adam Shannon. Charlie is living in Kingston, with Matt and Amy Curley. Lumi is now living in his Dad's hometown of Toronto, with Phil Tuzi and Linda Redlack. Kiire will stay at MapleMyst, and begin her career as a show and performance dog. 

Mysti's second, and likely her last litter is planned for early 2016. Please contact Maple Myst for more information on upcoming litter plans!