Truckloads of ribbons!

Ruka ratting!

Maple Myst held its third ratting trial, at Proulx Farms, in cooperation with Rats! Canada.  Truckloads of ribbons were given out, and a great time was had by all!  

Maple Myst dogs did have an opportunity to run in the event as well.  Mysti earned her Novice Barn Ratting title, and a qualifier in Brush hunting, finding the rat tube in 17 seconds.  Not to be outdone by her Momma, Kiire earned a Brush hunting qualifier, finding that dastardly rat in just over 9 seconds.  And little Rüka, just 3 months old, made a find in barn hunting, with Matt as her handler, earning her first title, the Barn Ratting Instinct title.